MORT WALKER first debuted the unforgettable Beetle Bailey in newspapers in 1950. Now boasting a massive worldwide daily audience of more than 200 million strong, Walker's legendary character is quintessentially American. The loose, lackadaisical and utterly likeable Beetle takes a hilariously insightful look at our innate distaste for authority – and our relentless pursuit of a good time. Beetle Bailey is now a classic anti-hero, who embodies two distinctly American qualities: resiliency... and humor.

Mort Walker and Dr. Romanelli have come together to re-invent this classic comic strip as new high-concept apparel line, giving it a contemporary twist while paying homage to its Americana/Military roots.
AMERICANA is blue jeans and cowpokes, flannel shirts, dead stock "Made in USA" Chuck Taylors, hotrods, herringbone and the roar of an electric guitar. Americana is also that bold, hand-over-heart-for-the-red-white-and-blue feeling inspired by the boot-camp basics of vintage military style. Americana is our popular culture and natural environment distilled down to a potent, evocative essence – the vitality of the present mixed with the nostalgia of the past.

Today, Americana is a global trend, a catalyst and muse to a variety of artists who span generations and mediums. Darren Romanelli (aka Dr. Romanelli) is unique, an individual explorer of Americana.

It's easy to become infected by 34-year-old Darren Romanelli's enthusiasm for his obsession-turned-profession, the Dr. Romanelli brand. Twisting the familiar into in the fresh, DRx has gained renown as a savvy reviver of cultural classics. Whether it's Converse, Jaeger, Le Coultre, Fraggle Rock, Black Sabbath, Looney Tunes, or Hello Kitty, Romanelli reinvents these legendary properties and simultaneously builds a loyal following on a global scale.